Chronic healthcare

Do you suffer from a chronic condition like asthma, COPD, diabetes, or cardiovascular disorders? DocLine offers mindfully composed care programs to guide you with your chronic condition or disease. Our team supports research, treatments, and guidance.

What is a care program?

A care program is a chain of healthcare and treatments for chronic patients. The objective of our care programs is to prevent complications and to increase your own control over your chronic disease. With our care programs, we seek the best possible quality of life together with you.

What do our care programs for chronic diseases look like?

Our care programs consist of examination (diagnosis), treatment, and guidance of one specific condition or complaint. We set strict quality requirements for our care programs. All our programs are in compliance with the standards of the Society of Dutch General Practitioners (Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap, NHG). Our care programs usually take place online. This way, you only have to visit our practice when it’s necessary.

Which care programs does DocLine offer?

DocLine offers care programs for multiple chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma and COPD, and cardiovascular disorders.

Asthma and COPD care program

Our most important objective is to prevent any damage to your lungs. We closely monitor your complaints and when necessary will conduct a pulmonary function test.

Diabetes care program

If you have diabetes, we want to prevent your sugar level from causing damage to your body. We do this by, amongst others, multiple checks and possible further examinations. This way, we keep diabetes and your blood sugar levels under control.

Cardiovascular disorders care program

The care program for cardiovascular disorders, also referred to as Cardiovascular Risk Management (CVRM), is created for people with chronic cardiovascular disorders or who have a high risk of cardiovascular disorders. Together with you, the GP will assess what the risks are and which changes in lifestyle or in medication will reduce these risks.

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At DocLine you can manage your healthcare quickly and easily online. Book an appointment online at a moment that works for you, chat with a healthcare professional, request a prescription refill, and view your lab results in your medical file. Take control over the healthcare of your chronic condition or disease, where and whenever you want.