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DocLine Arnhem opens soon

Your GP, online and nearby

  • Chat with healthcare professional
  • Manage health matters online via Gezond.nl
  • Video consultation with your GP
  • When necessary at the doctor's practice

Welcome to DocLine Arnhem

We are DocLine Arnhem. The general practice that you can visit in the evening, on the weekend and during the day. Our goal is to give everyone everywhere and at any time access to good healthcare.

DocLine Arnhem does so by digitalizing GP care. It means that you can ask a question to a healthcare professional at any time of the day. You can manage all your health matters easily online, and our general practitioners are available for a telephone or video consultation. You only have to visit the general practice when necessary. This way, our GP care is always fast, easy, and nearby.

* Do you need a physical consultation? At this moment, all physical appointments temporarily take place at Arts en Zorg Schuytgraaf. Beginning 2022, DocLine Arnhem will officially open. Then you can visit DocLine Arnhem for a physical consultation. Also, telephone and video consultations in the evening and on the weekend will be available.

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How can we help you?


Every day from 07:00 to 21:00
Chat directly with a healthcare professional



Pallas Atheneplein 30
6846 XA Arnhem

Opening hours

For physical healthcare at the doctor’s practice
MMo. to Fr. 08:00 - 17:00

For online healthcare
Mo. to Fr. 17:00 - 21:00

Emergency hotline

Available from Mo. to Fr. 08:00 - 10:00
+31 (0) 26 389 80 70 (press 1)

Emergency hotline general practice center

Outside office hours
+31 (0) 900-1598

Manage your health matters easily online

DocLine works with


GP care

The doctor helps you with all your health questions: big or small. Discuss your complaint via a telephone or video consultation. Or visit our doctor’s practice if that’s necessary.

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Doctor’s assistant care

Do you have a minor health complaint, or do you need a small operation? You can visit the doctor’s assistant for this. Ask your question via chat or make an appointment at the consultation hour of the doctor’s assistant.

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Medical examinations

For medical examinations, you do not always have to visit the hospital. At DocLine, we conduct blood tests, urine tests,24-hour or ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM), Doppler ultrasound, CRP rapid test, pulmonary function tests or teledermatology.

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Lifestyle intervention (GLI)

Are you overweight, and do you want to change? Get started with lifestyle intervention. A specialized lifestyle coach will help you to live healthier.

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Mental healthcare

When you mentally don’t feel well, it can be troublesome. Our general practitioners will ensure you receive the help you need to improve your mental wellbeing.

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Chronic healthcare

Our healthcare professionals can guide you with chronic conditions. We have care programs for asthma, COPD, diabetes, or cardiovascular disorders.

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How DocLine works


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Access to Gezond.nl

We check your registration. After this, you have direct access to the online patient portal Gezond.nl


Get started with DocLine

Log in with DigiD and get started! From now on, you can easily manage all your health matters online.


What do you want to know about DocLine?

No, you can visit us online and, of course, at the general practice. How does it work? Usually, your first appointment with a doctor or other healthcare professional is always via telephone or online*. When it is better to discuss your complaint at the general practice, the doctor will invite you for a physical consultation. Do you need an appointment for a complaint for which physical contact is necessary, like ear syringing or inserting an IUD? Then you can directly make an appointment at the general practice. Moreover, you can always manage your health matters online via our patient portal Gezond.nl. Emergency? Always call the emergency hotline of DocLine.

*All physical appointments temporarily take place at Arts en Zorg Schuytgraaf.

At DocLine, you’ll be registered with the fixed team of GPs. You can select the GP you wish to see with each individual consultation you book. Do you need a physical consultation? Currently, all physical appointments temporarily take place at Arts en Zorg Schuytgraaf. Beginning 2022, DocLine Arnhem takes over all healthcare.
At DocLine, you need a DigiD to log in on our patient portal Gezond.nl. Here you can manage all your health matters easily online. By logging in with your DigiD, we know that we have the right person in front of us.
Gezond.nl develops digital health services for general practices like DocLine. Just like the patient portal in which you book an appointment, request prescription refills, and chat with healthcare professionals. To use Gezond.nl, you need a DigiD. This way, you can log in securely, and your data is safe.