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About us

We are DocLine. Your GP, electronically and close by. An online GP who is available on evenings and weekends, and during the day as well, of course. At DocLine you can organise all your healthcare affairs online: book an appointment with your GP, chat with a healthcare provider, request a repeat prescription, or view your medical file.

Time for an appointment? Your doctor helps you remotely, during a telephone or video consultation. You will only visit the general practice if it is really necessary. This way, we make GP care more convenient, faster, and still keep it close by.

How DocLine works

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Frequently asked questions

What do you want to know about DocLine?

No, you can visit us online and, of course, at the general practice. How does it work? Usually, your first appointment with a doctor or other healthcare professional is always via telephone or online. When it is better to discuss your complaint at the general practice, the doctor will invite you for a physical consultation. Do you need an appointment for a complaint for which physical contact is necessary, like ear syringing or inserting an IUD? Then you can directly make an appointment at the general practice. Moreover, you can always manage your health matters online via our patient portal Emergency? Always call the emergency hotline of DocLine. develops digital health services for general practices like DocLine. Just like the patient portal in which you book an appointment, request prescription refills, and chat with healthcare professionals. To use, you need a DigiD. This way, you can log in securely, and your data is safe.Donec rhoncus vestibulum velit, eu fringilla orci scelerisque eu. Cras in posuere metus.
By logging in on you have access to:
  • Online appointments with your healthcare professional
  • Requesting prescription refills
  • Viewing your lab results
  • Consulting your medical file
  • Chat with healthcare professionals
  • DocLine: new and familiar. DocLine’s services are offered by Arts en Zorg. Arts en Zorg is an innovative organization of integrated first-line health centers where GP's, physiotherapists, pharmacies, and mental healthcare providers work closely together.
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