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If a consultation indicates that the GP needs more information to resolve your health issues, a follow-up appointment may take place. This may be a physical examination by the GP, for which the GP will invite you to the practice for a consultation. It might also be a diagnostic test, for example a blood test or smear test. After a consultation, the GP will invite you to visit the practice for an examination or refer you to a laboratory where the test will be performed. The costs for diagnoses depend on your personal excess. If you want more information about this, it may be best to contact your insurer.

You can come to DocLine for the following medical examinations:

  • Blood test
  • Urine test
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Teledermatology

Please read below what these examinations entail exactly.

blood test

There is a lot of medical information in your blood, which may help for the GP with their diagnosis. The GP will refer you to a testing station (Saltro) where blood tests are performed. With this blood test, your GP will investigate further to arrive at a diagnosis.

urine test

In the event of suspected cystitis or bladder infection, DocLine’s GPs can have a urine test performed. You’ll be given instructions about how and when you can supply your urine to the general practice. Please don’t forget to bring in your identity document and insurance card when you do.

pulmonary function test

With a pulmonary function test (also known as spirometry), the capacity of your lungs gets tested using a breathalyser. This may help your GP to determine whether you have asthma or a narrowing in your respiratory tract. This pulmonary function test is usually performed by a nurse practitioner at the general practice, but you might also be referred to a hospital or laboratory.


Are you suffering with skin issues? Then, at the request of the GP, you can send in a picture of your skin issue. The GP then forwards the image to the dermatologist. After a few days, the GP will have the results of this dermatological examination.

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