GP care

Your general practitioner is the primary contact for all your health concerns. He or she knows your situation the best and has a comprehensive outlook when something changes in your health. That’s why it is nice when the doctor is there when you need it. At DocLine the GP care is always nearby: also in the evening and on weekends.

For which concerns can you visit the GP?

You can visit the doctor for all your health concerns: small or big. The GP is your primary contact for physical complaints or complaints about your mental health.

Do you have a practical question or a small health concern? Sometimes the doctor’s assistant can already help you further and an appointment with the GP is not necessary. You can easily ask your questions via chat and quickly receive an answer. Click on the icon on the right side of your screen to chat with a healthcare professional.

Also for small examinations, the doctor’s assistant can help you. They have a special doctor’s assistant consultation hour for small examinations. Via our online portal, you can easily book an appointment.

Telephone or video consultation with the GP

DocLine is an online doctor. This means that you can manage all your health matters online and that the GP helps you primarily via a telephone or video consultation. You can easily book an appointment via our online portal

Log in with your DigiD, click on book an appointment in the left menu and select a moment. Our healthcare is also available in the evening and on weekends. This way, there’s always a moment that works for you! When the appointment is booked, you will receive a confirmation of the appointment via email.

Time to make an appointment with the GP? This is what you can expect

A video of a telephone consultation is similar to a regular appointment. The only difference is that you are not in the same room. The duration of the consultation is the same as a consultation at the general practice. During the consultation, you discuss your health concerns with the general practitioner and together decide on a possible next step.

When is a physical consultation at the general practice necessary?

All initial appointments usually take place via a telephone or video consultation. When the doctor indicates that a physical consultation is necessary, we will ask you to visit us at the general practice. For complaints for which physical examination is always necessary, you can directly book an appointment at the general practice online via

Is consultation with the GP covered?

Yes, a consultation with the general practitioner is always covered by basic health insurance. An appointment with the doctor has no influence on your own risk.

Keep in mind that possible additional examinations during the consult are not always covered. These costs are deducted from your own risk. Are you, for example, booking an appointment with the doctor for an STD- test? Then the appointment is covered, but the test is not.

Easily book an appointment online at DocLine

At DocLine you can manage your healthcare quickly and easily online. Book an appointment online at a moment that works for you. Our GP’s and healthcare professionals gladly help you with a telephone, video, or physical consultation. This way the healthcare you need is always nearby.