Doctor's assistant consultation hour

Our doctor’s assistants gladly help you with your questions and minor health complaints. You can contact them via chat or book an appointment at the doctor’s assistant consultation hour. The doctor’s assistant estimates how we can help you in the best way. The assistant also conducts small operations for which you do not have to visit the GP. This way, we can arrange the consultation hours better and help you faster.

What does the doctor's assistant do?

The doctor’s assistant answers your questions and gives advice concerning your health complaints. They have their own consultation hours, so you can be assisted quickly. Book a telephone or video consultation or visit the general practice when a remote physical examination is not possible. Together you look at how your complaint can be attended to.

Do you have a practical question or a small health concern? Click on the icon on the right side of your screen and chat with a healthcare professional. 

What can the doctor’s assistant help you with?

Our doctor’s assistants can help you with advice for minor health complaints, answer your questions about the patient portal, and conduct examinations for which you do not have to visit the GP. This way, we can help you much faster. You can visit the doctor’s assistant consultation hour at DocLine for:

  • STD tests
  • Syringing ears
  • Wart treatment
  • Urine tests
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Wound treatment
  • Glucose level tests
  • Smear tests (population screening cervical cancer)
  • Easily book an appointment online at DocLine

    At DocLine you can manage your healthcare quickly and easily online. Book an appointment online at a moment that works for you: when and wherever you want. Our doctor’s assistants, healthcare professionals, and GP’s gladly help you via chat or with a telephone, video, or physical consultation. This way the healthcare you need is always nearby.