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national switch point (landelijk schakelpunt, lsp)

The National Switch Point (Landelijk Schakelpunt, LSP) is a secured network where healthcare providers can view medical information about patients. Healthcare providers, such as your GP or pharmacy, can connect their computer systems to this. The DocLine GPs also work with the LSP. This enables other healthcare providers to view part of your current medical data anywhere, any time (for example, the medical centre). Of course, we can only see the data if you give permission.

Meer weten? Kijk dan eens op de website of stel een vraag in de chat. Would you like to know more? Check out the website of Vereniging van Zorgaanbod en Zorgcommunicatie (VZVZ)or ask a question in the chat.

It is easy to give your consent via You can also download the consent form for the LSP, fill it in, and send it to us electronically. This way, you give your GP and pharmacy at DocLine permission to make your medical data available electronically to other healthcare providers.

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