Frequently asked questions

The e-consultation is for minor non-acute healthcare questions to the general practitioner. In case of emergency, call the emergency hotline of the general practice immediately. Other questions, which are not medical, you can ask via chat.
You can send an e-consultation to a GP of DocLine. For simple medical questions addressed to the doctor’s assistant, you can chat. For other questions, such as communicating a change or when the chat does not work, you can email your DocLine location.
If you log in to with DigiD, you can safely send a question to a GP via an e-consultation. Click on “Ask a question”, select the healthcare professional and describe your question. You can also add an image. Click on “send” when you are ready.
In, you can find an overview of all your e-consultations. Each e-consultation has a label with a status. With this label, you can see whether the e-consultation has already been answered or is still awaiting a response. Click on “view” to read the GP’s response.
No. When the GP has answered, the e-consultation will be automatically closed. Do you want to ask another question? Then you can send a new e-consultation.
When you open an e-consultation, you see “add an image or document” at the bottom. Here you can select a file from your computer, tablet, or phone. Click on “open” and the file will be added to the e-consultation.
The file can be a maximum of 10 MB.
You can add the following types of files: jpeg, jpg, png, tiff, pdf, txt, doc, or docx.