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The regular GP care is always completely covered by the basic insurance from your healthcare insurer. These costs will not be charged to your personal excess.

Regular GP care includes telephone consultations, surgery hours, and visits from GPs, nurse practitioners, and practice support staff working for DocLine.

You pay for part of the healthcare costs yourself because they come under your personal excess. Additional examinations and tests, referrals, and medication prescribed by the GP are some of the things that come under your personal excess. That means that you pay these costs to your healthcare provider unless you’ve already reached the maximum for your personal excess. It is your responsibility to keep track of your personal excess.

Examples of healthcare that come under the personal excess:

  • prescribed medication;
  • blood collection and tests;
  • all cultures that are performed;
  • hospital examinations and tests (including x-rays and ultrasounds);
  • visits to specialists in hospital;
  • visits to an institute for psychological care.
Do you want to know whether certain specific healthcare from DocLine comes under the personal excess? You can always ask your GP during a consult or contact us via the online chat.

Everything DocLine claims from your healthcare insurer (and that is paid for by your healthcare insurer), can be found on your claims overview under the header Health Angels.

Everything you pay for yourself and that comes under the personal excess may also be listed under the name Health Angels in the claims overview, or under the name of the relevant healthcare provider.

Do you have any other questions about your claims overview? Ask them in the online chat.

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