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If you are dissatisfied with DocLine, we would like to hear from you because we strive for continuous improvement. There are several ways to file a complaint about DocLine or one of our staff members:

  • File your complaint using the complaints form on our website. We will process your complaint with all due diligence. The practice or regional manager will contact you to discuss options to move forward.
  • You can always contact the relevant healthcare provider yourself to try and resolve your complaint amicably

If we can’t come to a solution together, your complaint can be put before an impartial complaints officer. This complaints officer can act as a mediator in your complaint, but can also inform you about the complaints procedure, answer questions, or offer guidance for filing a written complaint.

Should that still not resolve your complaint, you can then request a decision from the Disputes Commission. The decision of the Disputes Committee is binding. More information on this topic is available on the SKGE website.

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