our corona measures at docline

At DocLine, you can have many different issues attended electronically and at our practice if necessary. This means we can remotely provide care for many different issues. If (after the initial digital consultation) you do get invited to the practice, you’ll find a number of measures have been taken to facilitate 1.5-metre social distancing.

our measures at the practice:
  • we no longer shake hands
  • our general practice is thoroughly cleaned
  • card payments only
  • unless strictly necessary, please come in for your appointment alone. This does not apply to children or people who require supervision.
  • arrive at the practice at the agreed time, please do not come in early. This way, we can ensure that there are as few people as possible in the waiting room at any time.
  • all seats in the waiting room and in the consultation room are 1.5-metres apart
  • there are markings on the floor to help you keep 1.5-metres distance.
  • where possible, walking routes have been marked out
what to do in case of respiratory issues?

If, prior to your appointment at the practice, you experience respiratory issues, please contact us via the chat. Together with you, the healthcare provider will evaluate whether and how to proceed with your appointment at the practice. The appointment may be changed into a telephone or video consultation.

Since June 1st, anyone suffering health issues can get tested for corona virus. This is important to help prevent the virus from spreading. You can do this by contacting your the GGD on 0800 - 1202. For more information, please visit the main government website (Rijksoverheid.nl).

current events re corona virus

For up-to-date information about the (spread of) corona virus, we refer you to the following authorities:

  • For the current state of affairs, please visit the RIVM website
  • At Thuisarts.nl, you’ll find all information about the corona virus in a corona virus questionnaire, developed in collaboration with the Society of Dutch General Practitioners(NHG).
  • For questions, you can also ring the government’s public information number: 0800 - 1351. .
access to medical file via national switch point (landelijk schakelpunt, lsp)

The Dutch ministry of public health, wellbeing, and sports, the Personal Data Protection Watchdog (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens), IGJ, and the Public Prosecutor have given permission to access the GP data for more patients. This means that you are automatically giving your consent for other healthcare providers, for example a medical centre, to view your file, unless you revoke that consent via your general practice or Volgjezorg.nl. This measure is only temporary, in connection with corona virus, and will be reversed in due course.

help and information about covid-19

In collaboration with various partner hospitals, the OLVG has created the Corona Check app. This allows you to submit medical information on a daily basis, after which a medical team will evaluate your issues and will, if necessary, contact you.

The LUMC has developed the app COVID Radar to gain insight into the development and predict the spread of corona virus. They do this by collecting information on symptoms from as many people as possible who have, or have had, corona virus.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) has created a WhatsApp with information about the corona virus. The currently available languages are: English, Arabic, French, and Spanish. Soon, more languages will become available, including Chinese and Russian. The WHO Health Alert is available by sending ‘hi’ to +41 798 931 892. It is free to use.

And finally, the red Cross has started up a helpline for people who need advice, additional support, or just someone to talk to while they are in quarantine or self-isolating. You can reach this helpline on Monday through Sunday between 09:00 and 21:00 at number: +31 (0)70 - 4455 888.